Pastor Lester M. Heath
I am Lester M. Heath; I was born in the Great state of Texas in a very small
town called Naples in March 1949. My family migrated to California in the mid
1950’s and we have resided here since.

Church Experience:  I attended the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church
from the early 1950’s. I became the youth choir director in 1960; I later
became choir director of all choirs, which included the Senior, Young Adult
and Men’s Chorus. As years past, I became the chairperson for the
Brotherhood, Superintendent of the Sunday school and a candidate for the
Deacon Ministry. In 1991, I acknowledged my calling into the Ministry of
Jesus Christ. I was Licensed in June 1991 and Ordained in July 1994.   

Educational Experience:  I was educated in the Los Angeles United School
system, graduating from Washington High School in 1967. I attended Los
Angeles City College and Graduated with an AA Degree in Education in 1970.

In March 1992 I enrolled in Bethany Christian Bible College. I graduated in
1996 with a certificate in Systematic Christian Education.

Teaching Experience: In 1995, at Bethany Christian Bible College, I began
teaching the Old Testament, later I began teaching the Doctrine of the Holy
Spirit, Foundation of Ministry and the Pentateuch in the Bachelors degree
program now offered through Bethany.

I traveled extensively with Pastor Rocellia Johnson (Senior Pastor of Bethany
Baptist Church of West Los Angeles and director of the Bethany Christian
Bible College) introducing and developing the Evangelism Movement
procedures to many states. I have also traveled and taught with Pastor
Sylvester Washington Co-Director to various sites further developing the
Evangelism Movement. I have taught each of the subjects year after year at the
annual National Evangelism Movement Workshops.

Pastoral Experience:  I have served as the Evangelist at many revivals
throughout the city of Los Angeles and in my home state of Texas.  In May
1995 I was selected Senior Pastor of the Solid Rock Mission Church of
Compton, California.  I served as Senior Pastor until October 2003 when I
was led by the Holy Spirit to return to my home church (Mount Olive
Missionary Baptist Church) and in December 2005 I was selected Senior
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